Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hello Praying Mantis, welcome to our home!

On AJ's first day of school for 1st grade, this little praying mantis appeared on our front porch.
As of this date, the little insect is still here! I believe it has taken up residence! It is the cutest thing (if you like insects that is). They are some of the fiercest hunters in the insect world! Did you know that the habit of holding its front legs together like someone at prayer earned the praying mantis its common name? Well little mantis, you are welcome to stay for as long as you wish and be our little prayer warrior. Lord knows we need all the prayers we can get.
For the past few days the mantis has stayed close to the bird bath for some reason. This is a special mantis as it lets us pet it and as you can see it got real friendly checking out my new haircut sweet Barbie gave me at the famous AGentle Touch Salon & Spa.
I usually pet it at least once a day, rubbing it gently on its back. Sometimes I hit a spot that must be ticklish because it jumps quickly and startles me!Enjoy the pictures:)

6:05:00 PM
by Juju


April said...

Yeah, I found you !! Congrats on the new position. You deserve it.

Life on the farm... said...

Oh Juju(can I call you that)... you have been busy blogging! I'm glad you are back!

Kerry said...

Tears are just pouring reading your blog. I love that kid. He is such a blessing and his grandparents are too. Have yall named your little praying mantis friend yet? I bet AJ might call him......hmmmmmm lets see maybe Spiderman. Love yall