Friday, October 10, 2008

Hot, hot, hot....

AJ has been working on his project for school this week (Fire Safety).  We had lots of fun making the pictures to put on his poster, and he actually did the typing for information about each picture (I watched him patiently hunt and peck for the correct letter).  He colored a fire extinguisher to put on the poster also.


Remember to check smoke detectors every few weeks




Stop! Drop! And Roll!  If your clothes catch on fire




Meet your family in a special place outside




Call 9-1-1 only if there is an emergency


Okay now, it's time to educate your precious little family.  Some other fire safety rules for children and adults are:

Do not play with matches

Do not play with the stove

Don't plug in too many things into an outlet

Tell an adult if you smell smoke

If there is a fire, stay low and go!  Crawl to an exit

Know two ways out of every room



Friday, October 3, 2008

Love in the Fall

Today I was blessed by a surprise visit from mother and daddy.  I fixed them a little lunch and visited on the back patio.  I got them to pose for a picture in my fall display I placed in the yard yesterday.

  100_1661 100_1660

I really love this time of year.  Just in my simple little yard alone, I witness some of God's greatest creation.  I love spending time watching all the different kinds of birds that come to eat at the little place I just happen to manage, "Feathered Friends Diner", two  locations in the front and back yard (bird's choice, same menu).  I am very proud to say that we have always scored 100 on our heath inspections (those HAWK inspectors sure have a sharp eye, they check EVERYTHING).

Not long after we put up our Blue Bird box next to the diner in the back yard,  a family moved in.  I am giving them time to settle in, then I will see about getting some pictures to post.

God must know how much I love nature.

100_1596 100_1608

This is a couple of the pictures that were taken on the day we celebrated daddy's 80th Birthday in September.  Picture on the left from L to R is daddy, Vicki and Patsy (my sisters) and Mary Jo (my sweet sister-in-law).  Picture on the right from L to R is Christy (my daughter), AJ (my grandson) and my awesome daddy.  He has a whole lot of medical issues including macular degeneration which has caused him to be diagnosed  legally blind.  He and mother still have the most beautiful garden in Madison County.  The "greens" will be ready in a few weeks and I sure plan to go pick a mess to cook, yum yum !!! 

Country Smiles to you!!!