Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, we planted a Wild Plum Tree in the yard at home. These trees are plentiful around here. You can actually get small ones growning underneath big ones and just plant them, which is exactly what we did! They grow pretty fast and are very attractive trees. We had two in the front yard at our previous home. They are still growing strong.

And of course playing in the dirt would not be complete without running into a few worms...

If worms could speak, I bet you they would be giving us what for after disturbing their home!!!

Into the ground the little Plum Tree goes
and with a whole lot of praying
we'll watch it grow and grow


Juju said...


surfergrandma said...

good luck with the tree...with the exception of our home now Bob and I have made a practice of planting a tree (s) every place we've lived...(kinda hard to do in an apt...:)and we've lived at a lot of different places, as you know)
Blessings, MemePeete