Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year blessings! What a wonderful holiday season this has been for me. The music presentations at the hospital and church, Christmas with family, time with my friends, karaoke at the Senior Center (thanks for inviting me Meme Lorie) was so wonderful!
For the past several days, I have worked on a little home organization, including some home/office "clean up". I just love getting organized! I procrastinated for the longest until one day I said to myself, "self, don't try to tackle this all at one time - simply do a little each day". Well, that is exactly what I have been doing, and it has worked! I will continue to do a little each day, something that I feel is important for me.
Another thing that I work on when critical or negative thoughts come to my mind, is replacing them with the truth of God's love, acceptance and grace. I went through a very difficult time in my previous position (13 years in same department) at work last year and was deeply hurt. The good thing is that God brought me through it and placed me in a new position. I went from working in a department of over 200 staff, to a department secretary where I work with 4 brilliant ladies. It was evident at my interview almost 4 months ago that this department/office was unique. It took some getting use to, in a good way though. God placed me in a position where I have no stress and the work is very interesting. Thank you God for taking care of me in this situation.
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